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0034954 083 689

A singular education in flamenco: a pathway to technique and expression for dancers of all levels.

Una educación singular en el baile flamenco: un camino hacia la técnica y la expresión para bailores y bailoras de todos los niveles.


Professional flamenco dancer Ángel Atienza opened an academy to share the art and traditions of flamenco dance. Flamenco's turns, rhythms and footwork are taught via classes, workshops and private lessons, including courses with teachers like La Lupi, Adela Campallo and Leonor Leal.



The Escuela de Flamenco Ángel Atienza (formerly known as "Ados") was founded in 2006 as a place to share a professional dancer's experience and lifelong passion for flamenco through teaching. 

Students, teachers and performers from around the world visit the Escuela's studios in the famous flamenco district of Triana to deepen their knowledge of flamenco and refine their skills. Many students return year after year, either for short stays or extended training as full-time students of the Escuela.

At the Basic level and above, students of any age have the an opportunity to train as if preparing, at some point, to perform individually for an audience. Once you enter the classroom, you will be encouraged to develop a flamenco dancer's confident energy and presence. Although exercises or choreography may be practiced as a group, each individual prepares to do them independently to the best of his or her current ability. Classes are taught in Spanish, but seasoned flamenco instructors are skilled communicators who help international students fill in language gaps by observing and imitating. 

What Students Say

Школа замечательная, с высоким уровнем преподавания, уделяется внимание каждому ученику что ведет к быстрому усвоению техники и ритма фламенко. Всем рекомендую!

The school is outstanding: provides high standard of teaching, each student gets individual attention which leads to quick learning of flamenco technique and rhythm. I recommend it to everybody!
— G., Russia and Canada
I have only good things to say about Ángel Atienza’s dance school. It is simply an amazing place full of beautiful people. You will find it a creative space filled with good energy, hard work, smiles and humour! This school has become very special to me and I always feel welcome and at home here. I highly recommend it to anyone!
— S., Denmark
You just realize that Angel loves to teach. He has all students in mind and promotes each on his own level. It does not matter whether you dance as a hobby or professionally. I come regularly for some weeks or months and feel very comfortable here. The school is also very well-organized.

Man merkt einfach, dass Angel es liebt zu unterrichten. Er hat alle Schüler im Blick und fördert jeden auf seinem individuellen Niveau. Dabei spielt es auch keine Rolle, ob man hobbymäßig oder professionell tanzt. Ich komme regelmäßig für einige Wochen oder Monate und fühle mich hier sehr wohl. Die Schule ist außerdem sehr gut organisiert.
— T., Germany
At this school, each student is guided toward his or her full potential as a dancer with care and attention to detail. Studying flamenco here is an amazing experience.
— J., Canada
Sevilla’da flamenko okulu arıyorsanız, bu okul tam size göre. Dost canlısı ortamı ile Angel ve takımı mükemmel öğretmenler. Flamenko yolunda adımlarınızı atarken bu okul size çok şey katacaktır.

If you are looking for a flamenco school in Seville, this is the one! With its charming atmosphere Angel and his team are perfect teachers. In every step of your flamenco journey, this school will aid you a lot.
— S., Turkey
المدرسة ممتازة، يتم التعليم بصورة محترفة وملائالشعور م لعدة مستويات. الجو ممتع ومن خلال كل درس بالتقدم، وذالك بفضل اهتمام المعلم “انخيل” بأدق التفاصيل الصغيرة والمهمة. م

The school provides flamenco education on many levels! You can progress in every lesson with Ángel, thanks to his attention to each small but important detail.
— M., Palestine