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A singular education in flamenco: a pathway to technique and expression for dancers of all levels.

Una educación singular en el baile flamenco: un camino hacia la técnica y la expresión para bailores y bailoras de todos los niveles.

Leonor Leal

Bailora Leonar Leal dentro del marco del Flamenco ha perfeccionado estudios con profesores de la talla de Manolo Marín, Pilar Ortega, Carmen Montiel, Pepa Coral o la familia Galván. En su tierra natal también ha recibo clases maestros como Juan Parra, Angelita Gómez, La Chiqui, Mercedes Ruiz, Andrés Peña, Ana María López, María del Mar Moreno o Manuela Carpio.

Leonor Leal

Born in Jerez de la Frontera, she began her training at 9 years of age. Graduating in Classical and Spanish Dance from the Professional Conservatory of Dance of Seville, she completed her studies of Musical Magistry at the Hispalense University.

Within the framework of Flamenco she has perfected studies with professors such as Manolo Marín, Pilar Ortega, Carmen Montiel, Pepa Coral and the Galván family. She has also received master classes from such teachers as Juan Parra, Angelita Gomez, La Chiqui, Mercedes Ruiz, Andres Peña, Ana Maria Lopez, Maria del Mar Moreno or Manuela Carpio.

Leonor Leal began her professional career at the Teatro Villamarta in Jerez, participating in the show De Cai, El Baile and later in Viviendas, with Antonio "El Pipa".

In 2003 she joined the Andrés Marín Company in shows such as Más allá del Tiempo, Asimetrías or Hermético, traveling all over the world with El Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía under the direction of Cristina Hoyos. She has also collaborated in many projects with artists as diverse as Javier Barón, Ángeles Gabaldón, Joaquín Grilo, Rafael Campallo and Antonio Canales.

Leal started as solo dancer and creator in 2008, with Leoleolé, a show aimed at the "Los Novísimos" series at the Festival de Jerez, which was well received by specialized critics of national and international flamenco. After a stay at the "El Corral de la Morería" in Madrid, she received the Outstanding Dancer Award from the Choreography Competition of Spanish Dance and Flamenco.

Her show eLe eLe won the Best New Artist Award at the XV Festival de Jerez in 2011 at its premiere, and Mosaicos, a production which it enters the fascinating world of musical and dance geometry was  presented in the "Flamenco Viene del Sur" cycle of 2012.

Her international commitments include appointments at the Flamenco Festival in Dusseldorf, Holland, Luxembourg, Arles, England, Israel and the Empire Palace in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). 

Leal has developed a teaching career with a busy schedule of flamenco courses in Seville as well as frequent international workshops.