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A singular education in flamenco: a pathway to technique and expression for dancers of all levels.

Una educación singular en el baile flamenco: un camino hacia la técnica y la expresión para bailores y bailoras de todos los niveles.


Understand Ángel Atienza's approach to teaching flamenco to dancers at levels from basic level to advanced performers. Flamenco music, rhythm and footwork technique are conveyed through daily intensive classes in Triana, Sevilla with a master instructor or guest instructors.


For newer dancers, Ángel Atienza emphasises the necessity of a solid base in flamenco technique: rhythm, balance, footwork, musicality, spatial awareness and full body coordination.

As they advance, each student is challenged to develop strengths and surpass limitations through daily practice. Advanced dancers are guided in developing technical awareness and artistic judgement so they can continue to progress.

Knowing each student is unique, at each level our instructors offer progressive individual feedback for the student apply in exercises, variations and choreography.


Core Classes

Angel Atienza, Director

Angel Atienza, Director


Technique classes provide each student a chance to develop balance, footwork, technique of arms, coordination, compás, and hearing and counting music. Classes include technical exercises and practice using variations of different palos.


Ángel Atienza's Turns Technique class explores various types of flamenco turns with an emphasis on clean movement and incorporating turns into the compás of different palos.


Choreography classes offer opportunities to increase a dancer's understanding and expression of flamenco's. Each month begins a new choreography and palo. 

Both technique and choreography classes are grouped by difficulty but individual feedback helps each student develop his or her dancing (more about class levels.)

Guest Instructors

Visiting Artists

Seville offers unique opportunities to learn from many of the world's best flamenco dancers and teachers, and Escuela de Flamenco Ángel Atienza is proud to host gifted artists to explore and share their distinct visions of the art of flamenco. 

Guest instructors may be featured for a full month or offer shorter workshops. Check our schedule and register to reserve a spot.


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Intro, Kids & More

Marta Manzano, Instructor

Marta Manzano, Instructor


Whether you are new to flamenco or if you want to learn Sevillanas we have specifiques classesfor that. We also offer flamenco classes for children. 

New students are always welcome! Check our current schedule to find out what's happening right now, or ask the office to find out if new classes are planned.

Private and Group Lessons

If you prefer individual lessons, contact us about private flamenco lessons. Special classes are also an option for groups. Contact us and we'll be happy to answer questions and discuss your options!

Studio Space

Contact us to arrange practice or rehearsal space in our two Triana studios.